How is SIA Dadsons founded?

On the 21st of January in 1997 SIA Dadsons was founded as a daughter company by a Dad, his son Ed-Jan and daughter in law Aija. It started as a daughter company of Dadson Trading B.V. the Netherlands. Ed-Jan and Aija felt in love and got married and settled in the beautiful Latvia. In end of the 90's one of the best for Dadsons happened again when Aivars started to work in Dadsons. In the year of 2000 Dad became 65 years old and decided to retire. However, by the time the Dad retired, Ed-Jan and Aija settled in Latvia and had no intentions to leave Latvia. So Dad retired and in same period the Dutch mother Dadson Trading also decided to stop business in the Eastern part of Europe with the Latvian company SIA Dadsons. Then Ed-Jan and Aivars restarted together SIA Dadsons and brought it where we are now as you can see on our website. So we know the best now from the Eastern culture and the Western culture and can combine this in our company. For any questions please get in touch with one of us. So looking forward to any response or questions. Ed-Jan and Aivars and rest of the team!!