Our core business

Sia Dadsons is mainly trading in sawn fresh, KD and planed timber (FSC® certified). We mostly trade the timber from Russia to Western Europe, UAE and the Far East. We work with all kinds of timber, but mainly spruce and pine. We offer our timber on demand and customized to the wishes of our client. So when you have any question, requirement or demand, please contact us!

Construction Timber

We are able to provide a wide spectre of construction timber. The timber is high quality wood harvested in North Russia (spruce and pine). The wood is kiln dried up to 18%. It is approved by the standards according BS4798 C16/C24. When necessary we are able to do PAR or calibrate to the accurate size. We are able to offer the timber in thickness of 44, 47, 50, 75 and 100mm, with a width of 50 to 300mm in steps of 25mm and lengths from 2.4m up to 7.2m in steps of 30mm.

Added Value

Besides fresh sawn timber, we do business in Added Value. We are able to laminate and finger-joint timber, to a maximum thickness of 90mm, a maximum width of 120mm and a maximum length of 6000mm.

Production of pallets

We are able to produce and deliver pallets in any size. We are able to provide the pallets in various different sizes to meet the requirements of our clients.

Production of Scaffold boards and battens

We are able to produce and deliver Scaffold boards and battens in various different sizes. We deliver it on demand and customized to meet any requirement the client want. The scaffold boards we provide meet the BS2482 grading. At the moment we are offering on various markets:

Irish market

Dutch market

UK market

Siberian Larch

Through our suppliers in Russia, we are able to offer Siberian Larch. We offer Siberian Larch on demand and customize when needed.

Various products

We also offer various products, such as:


Poles and stakes

Dutch market: Bekisting bruggen, dekking

All products are customizable to the whishes of our clients. We offer more than the products shown. Contact us for more information.